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(Sales & Purchase)

Qsys Connect puts you in control of your business from either a selling point of view or a buying point of view. At any time you can see who owes you what and who you owe. Integrated credit control is a distant dream for those who use Un-connected solutions but with Qsys Connect you can ensure your clients are served well and you remain in control of credit lines.

Qsys Connect is particularly good in the support of the sales process. In this area you can see how the Scheduler helps organise your orders into a logical bulk picking groups and how labelling becomes a simple part of the sales process rather than a huge drain on resources. Furthermore as Qsys Connect is a fully integrated solution, all the data generated is available for analysis. Thus knowing what your clients have purchased during the year can help you in assessing what they may buy next year. In addition, the same sales data is fed back into the production estimating system to assist your pending decisions about production for the following season. For example:

The ability to monitor you clients performance can help identify issues before they become a problem so as your sales history grows, so does your ability to grow your sales. Here we see an analysis table from within the customer records. Interesting to note how early the season started this year !!