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Invoicing should be simple, fast, intuitive and efficient. Qsys "connects" all things to all points as required thus eliminating duplicate tasks. From the product input through to printing or emailing the Invoice - Qsys Connect is fast, simple, powerful...and does the task with an elegance and precision that matches or exceeds the best on the market (the best being solutions like SAP at 10 times the price of Qsys Connect). As you can see on the screen above, there are options to print or email and other options to include statement of account, proof of delivery and other services. There is also provision for allocating lines to specific batches of product, enabling complete batch and product traceability.

From within the invoice editor you can create the labels (pot/ties/posters etc). You may print variations of the document such as delivery notes, pick list, order confirmations or as a proforma invoice etc. Even a credit check is possible, because Qsys Connect is always ...connected.