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Knowing where products are and at what stage of production, becomes vitally important during peak periods to avoid spending too much time working out what is saleable and when.

Qsys Connect offers a range of Android Apps (Nursery Assist) that can help gather data and update your records quickly and efficiently. Connectivity for live or real-time processing requires at least a reliable mobile phone signal on an Android phone, or site-wide Wi-Fi. The latter can be costly and difficult to achieve all over the nursery. Our real-time solution does not rely on 4G fast connection (although preferred); rather, it will automatically make the best of any data connection down to GPRS speed.

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What use is a photo of the product ?

Remember the word Connect: Having a Qsys Connect Website to promote your current availability list and to take orders is a valuable asset, particularly if you can take a photo and have it automatically added to your website so your clients can see the state of the product.

So why is this service so special? Photos are easily taken anyway!

  • The Photo Image Is Automatically Named The Same As The Product - Directly On The Android Device Cutting Out The Need To Sort Out Which Image Belongs To Which Product.
  • The Photo Is Automatically Sized Correctly & Optimised For The Website Directly On The Android Device
  • The Photo Is Automatically Transmitted To Your Qsys Connect Website
Now that is special !