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(Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger)

At the heart of Qsys Connect is a fully fledged accounting package. A powerful multi-department, multi-entity, multi-company, professional accounting solution that includes VAT reporting requirements, management profit & loss reports as well as Trial Balance and Balance Sheet reports. As with all modules within Qsys Connect, it has an intuitive user interface with common reporting tools, making user transitions between modules a breeze. The most important part of any nominal ledger is the reporting capability. Ledger Simplex not only excels in this but leaves the competition in the Dark Ages.

The Qsys Sales Ledger Connects all sales order processing activities to the main accounting system providing seamless reporting to the VAT control accounts as well as maintaining your aged debtor reports, statement production and all your sales related reports. Utilising email services, Qsys Connects your sales accounts to the outside world enabling distribution of invoices and statements at no cost. The Sales Ledger also supports scanning of documents such as signed delivery notes (proof of delivery) and purchase orders etc. This unique service may not have an immediately tangible benefit, but if required, along with your invoice to your client you could email a copy of the client’s signed delivery note automatically. "Append POD".

The Qsys Purchase Ledger Connects all aspects of the purchase order processing and costing elements of the business to the main accounting system thus handling the VAT control account, stock and direct cost. As in the Sales Ledger, the Purchase Ledger supports document scanning. The key advantage being that you can scan your purchase invoices at the same time as entering the cost to the ledger. Imagine never having to go to the filing cabinet again to inspect an invoice. The added bonus is that all data entered into Qsys Connect is protected by our office secure backup service. Of course if you need a copy for audit purposes, one click and you are done.